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Pomina 3


In July 2009, POMINA Steel Joint Stock Company officially established POMINA 3 Steel Billet Refining Plant on a land plot of 46 hectares in Phu My Industrial Park (Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province). With the total investment capital of US$ 300 million, POMINA 3 is a project consisting of 1 Steel Billet Refining Plant with the capacity of 1 million tons/year, 1 construction steel laminating plant consisting of two production lines - each line has the capacity of 500 thousand tons/year, and 1 seaport for the loading or unloading. With the refining capacity of 1 million tons / year, POMINA 3 becomes the construction steel billet refining plant with the largest capacity in Southeast Asia at present.

If POMINA 2 construction steel refining plant with the capacity of 500 thousand tons/year is the leading plant in Vietnam at present about the fuel saving indicator in the production process (380kw/ton), POMINA 3 construction steel refining plant with the new line of only 350kw/ton; while the current power consumption in the production process of other construction steel refining plants in Vietnam is 600kw/ton. This figure shows the premium power saving capability of POMINA 3, every year POMINA 3 saves 250 million kw of power..

In addition, POMINA 3 also invests in the gas, dust and wastewater modern filter systems to protect the environment. It is a closed circulatory system; all waste gas and solid dust in the production process pass through this filter system and are retained here. For the wastewater, it will be treated to meet the definite standard and put into reuse; it is not discharged into the environment.

The establishment of POMINA 3 construction steel refining plant with the capacity of 1 million tons of billets per year not only meets the demand of billet raw materials for steel production for the plants in POMINA system, but also provides to other steel production plants in the country, ensures the billet quantity of the construction steel industry, there is no need for import. It is estimated that each year POMINA contributes to reduce the trade deficit of 300 million dollars of imported raw materials.


POMINA 3 billet refining plant
Address: Phu My Industrial Park, Tan Thanh, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
Tel: 064 3 924994
Fax: 064 3 924 989

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